We’d love to tell you more about Elizabeth Anderson Dance

At Elizabeth Anderson Dance we are embodying 21st century partner dance i.e. anyone can lead and/or follow. Gender & sexual preference is utterly irrelevant in this context. This is the study of physics, movement artistry & music. An ideal partnership is one that is modelled more like a conversation, there should be an interplay between the two dancers.

All the classes are taught in an Equality dance format, i.e. we refer to the roles as leaders & followers. Anyone is welcome to dance either role, and in our experience more advanced dancers will learn both. We avoid teaching ‘typical’ physical styling ascribed by gender also. We will demonstrate suggestions, then the decision is up to you.

Personally, I am passionate about creating an inclusive dance space. I don’t want to separate classes & events into traditional & same-sex formats. Everyone is welcome, the only way to foster understanding, empathy & creativity is together.

Elizabeth Anderson: 07983 255 436